Powertrain Laser Welding

We’ve been integrating both custom and standard laser welding and cutting systems for more than 35 years. Over that time, North American powertrain manufacturers have applied more than 25,000 miles of laser welding, so component laser welding is no longer “risky business.” Choose from our proven dependable tower welders, with overhead gantry, or our simpler, single-tower welder for manual load and unload.

With our knowledge of lasers and proven designs, we can provide you with a reliable, robust welding solution for all your powertrain components.

Typical laser welding processes occur through autogenous welding. However, thanks to advanced Lincoln Electric engineering, we offer quality wire feed-systems, including an optional hot-wire weld system for excellent results with deep penetration and minimum spatter. This technology offers a superior weld with incredibly fast cycle times when welding together differential case sections and other cast iron products.