Tube Process Automation

Wayne Trail offers a wide range of flexible, reliable and cost-effective tube process automation solutions to meet the growing mix of applications and markets for tubular fabricated components.  Whether you are fabricating parts for automotive, appliances, HVAC, refrigeration, steel furniture, or any other application, we have products and systems to help you maximize top quality throughput.

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FlexBending® Systems

Flexbending® Tube Bending and Fabricating Systems provide manufacturers with maximum production flexibility by enabling them to run multiple tube products on one machine. These component-based systems are fully programmable and can be easily reconfigured to produce new parts for future requirements. High production rates help lower production costs, while quick changeovers facilitate small lot size […]

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Tube Bending and Fabricating System, Wayne Trail
Rotary tube bending system

Automated, Dedicated Tube Manufacturing Systems

When you require a high part volume combined with maximum production rates, we can provide an efficient and economical Dedicated Tube Manufacturing System using many of the same tube fabrication modules used in Flexbending® systems. We can also supply pneumatic, hydraulic and servo-driven transfers, and a variety of bend-head configurations to meet production requirements. The […]

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Stand Alone, Manual Load Machines and Workstations

Tube manufacturers can sometimes find it difficult to justify the cost of automation when they need to produce tubes that have low production rates/volumes or for parts that have a short life cycle. For this type of situation, we offer all of our automated tube bending modules as stand-alone workstations. Modules can be customized to […]

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tube bending and fabricating system, wayne trail
Tube bending system, Wayne Trail

Integrated QA/QC Capabilities

At Wayne Trail, we build quality assurance features into every machine and module to address the high variability inherent in bending tube and pipe, such as: Tool nests include part-in-place sensors. Hole presence can be checked after all piercing/hole punching operations using sensors or mechanical poke yoke devices. Bending systems frequently include integrated assembly verification […]

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