Laser Blank Welding Systems for tailor-welded blank applications

Designed for high-output blank production and equipped with high power, high precision linear motors that drive the main laser welding focus head and all clamp motions, Wayne Trail’s linear and non-linear weld stations and systems outperform any other blank welder on the market.

When used with one of our precision-edge prep systems, these laser weld systems will produce production quality laser butt welds faster than normal weld speeds in most blank thickness combinations, including same-gauge applications because of the superior blank fit-up and reduced eject/reject rates. A stable weld environment and intimate fit-up provided by the edge prep process greatly enhance process monitoring capabilities.

Our laser weld gantries require minimal maintenance or setup. Extremely robust and durable, they are a welcome addition to the factory floor. CDRH class 1 compliance is standard, as is the high-flow fume-evacuation-and-filtration system. This system increases the time between cleaning intervals, optimizing uptime and system availability.