FLEX LASE® Universal Laser Processing Cell

Manufacturers and fabricators looking for speed, accuracy, low heat input and high energy efficiency turn to Wayne Trail’s Flex Lase® self-contained robot-based system as a sound production solution.

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Our Flex Lase Universal Laser Processing Cell features high-power, high-efficiency fiber laser technology in a flexible, easily integrated package. Fully automatic coupling and decoupling allows laser processing focus head assemblies to remain within the work cell. This provides quick, reliable changes between laser cutting, welding, heat-treating and cladding modes, often within the same production cycle. Non-laser-based, end-of-arm robot attachments integrate for such post-process operations as inspection, finishing, assembly and material handling.

The Flex Lase system ships as a one-piece unit on a unitized fabricated base, or in modules, depending on system size and configuration. This significantly reduces on-site reassembly requirements. Flex Lase can be ready for your production startup in a remarkably short time.