Robotics & Welding

At Wayne Trail, we specialize in providing turnkey systems for all aspects of metal forming and fabrication. Most of these highly efficient and productive systems now include robots for everything from handling incoming material through cutting and joining, shaping and forming, and assembly. By carefully integrating our robotics with the other components of your production line, we help you maximize uptime while consistently achieving top quality and production rates.

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Robotic Weld and Thermal Systems

Our robotic systems excel at welding and cutting, quickly and accurately while reducing safety risks to your personnel. Using the industry’s most advanced cutting and welding technologies, seamlessly integrated to work with rugged, state-of-the-art robots, our robotic engineers study your process, then equip you to deliver products that meet the highest quality requirements while optimizing […]

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Hydro-Form and Structural Frame Automation Material Handling

Material Handling & Dispensing Robots

Robots make an excellent choice for the repetitive, demanding and dangerous task of material handling. Whether loading sheet metal into a stamping press, applying glue in a bonding operation, or handling boxes and cartons at the end of the packaging line, our fully integrated and expertly programmed robots can be counted on to perform, day […]

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