Laser Systems

Wayne Trail’s Flex Lase®-based systems for laser welding and cutting provide the speed, accuracy, low heat input and high energy efficiency required in today’s metal fabrication industry. We offer unsurpassed levels of performance and reliability for all types of laser processing applications, including laser welding, cutting, brazing, cladding, heat-treating, marking, etching, and paint and coating removal.

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Powertrain Laser Welding

We’ve been integrating both custom and standard laser welding and cutting systems for more than 35 years. Over that time, North American powertrain manufacturers have applied more than 25,000 miles of laser welding, so component laser welding is no longer “risky business.” Choose from our proven dependable tower welders, with overhead gantry, or our simpler, […]

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Laser Powertrain welding system
Flex Lase laser welding cell

FLEX LASE® Universal Laser Processing Cell

Manufacturers and fabricators looking for speed, accuracy, low heat input and high energy efficiency turn to Wayne Trail’s Flex Lase® self-contained robot-based system as a sound production solution. Take a Virtual Tour of the Wayne Trail Flex Lase Our Flex Lase Universal Laser Processing Cell features high-power, high-efficiency fiber laser technology in a flexible, easily […]

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FLEX LASE® PRO Scanner-Based Laser Processing Cell

The Flex Lase® Pro features a high-speed, 3-axis scanner and an exceptionally large field of view and working area. This arrangement is excellent for prototyping, process development and production. It also works in other applications requiring extreme processing speed and high accuracy. End users can specify a wide range of options to suit job-specific requirements. […]

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laser cutting system, wayne trail

Flex Cut I Laser Cutting System

Our Flex Cut I is a high-speed, high-precision system designed for remote laser cutting of thin foils and coated foils, such as the materials commonly used in lithium-ion battery electrodes. This system represents a major advancement in technology, efficiency and flexibility in the manufacture and assembly of components using thin-coated foil materials. Changing component shapes […]

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Laser Blank Welding Systems for tailor-welded blank applications

Designed for high-output blank production and equipped with high power, high precision linear motors that drive the main laser welding focus head and all clamp motions, Wayne Trail’s linear and non-linear weld stations and systems outperform any other blank welder on the market. When used with one of our precision-edge prep systems, these laser weld […]

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flexweld, laser welding system, wayne trail
laser edge prep system

Precision Edge Prep Systems for Laser Welded Blank Applications

Wayne Trail’s single-sided and double-sided edge preparation systems use our patented clamping-and-cutting approach to help tailored blank suppliers achieve the best possible edge fit-up prior to using the laser butt welding process in linear applications. These high-value systems can be either fully integrated into a new laser welding system, or retrofitted into any existing system. […]

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