Press Automation

Stampers face challenges. From frequent product design changes to lower product lot sizes to budget demands, flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness are a must on the shop floor. Today, to boost performance, fab shops want to increase press capabilities. Wayne Trail is here to help.

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Press-to-Press Automation

Efficiency is a must when multiple presses work together. Our effective, affordable, modular automation systems for nearly any press line – new, upgraded or existing – install without any modification to footprint or foundations. Our easy-to-install systems provide centralized control and quick changeover to give you higher throughput, better quality and a safer, more ergonomically […]

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press-to-press automation, wayne trail
Exterior view of a through-the-window transfer system with PC-based interface

Through-the-Window Transfer Systems

We’ve offered this proven transfer style for more than a decade, helping customers get maximum visibility in the die area and production flexibility on new or existing presses. Our rugged equipment has been demonstrated in millions of cycles in factories worldwide, enabling a variety of coil, blank and finished-part handling options beyond the confines of […]

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Front-and-Back-Mounted Transfer Systems

Retrofitting existing presses with servo transfers can pose challenges. Conventional “through-the-window” designs can limit product range by dictating maximum part size with a combination of press-window size, transfer bar width and transfer clamp stroke. This often means valuable press bed isn’t used. Wayne Trail’s WTTBD Front-and Back-Mounted Transfer System addresses these limitations.

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Front and back mounted transfer system
Press Automation Stacker

Destackers, Stackers and Conveying Systems

When blank feeding a transfer die, even the best transfer system in the world is limited without a dependable destacker. If you need to tackle difficult and unusual destacking solutions in your automation system, Wayne Trail has the answer. Our proven, dependable techniques ensure high reliability and optimized productivity for even the most difficult or unusual […]

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