Installation and Start-up Services

Wayne Trail offers expert installation and start-up support for every system we build. From supervision and training to complete turn-key installation, our service and engineering team is available and eager to help you bring your system up to full production capability. Many of our customers find it both convenient and cost effective to have us involved in their installation. The range of services we provide includes:

  • Shipping and logistics
  • Rigging
  • Wiring and piping
  • Area barrier safeguarding
  • Site supervision
  • Production support
  • System integration & project management for larger systems


The time immediately following system installation and recommissioning is one of the most difficult times to operate and maintain your new or reinstalled system. Wayne Trail is pleased to offer extended production and product launch support to assist customers with a new, complex system including hands-on training and supervision for machine set-up, maintenance, and changeover.


Wayne Trail is pleased to offer supplemental in-field training on all Wayne Trail equipment. We will train your staff how to operate, maintain, and adjust your Wayne Trail equipment with customizable training programs.


Avoid unplanned downtime and loss of production with Wayne Trail’s Maintenance Mentoring program. An on-site Wayne Trail service tech can provide additional training to your maintenance team – instilling confidence and enabling self-sufficiency if and when future problems arise with your system.