Through-the-Window Transfer Systems

We’ve offered this proven transfer style for more than a decade, helping customers get maximum visibility in the die area and production flexibility on new or existing presses. Our rugged equipment has been demonstrated in millions of cycles in factories worldwide, enabling a variety of coil, blank and finished-part handling options beyond the confines of the press window.

Wayne Trail’s through-the-window, 3-axis servo transfer systems can be mounted on new or used presses. A rugged, high-precision drivetrain delivers accurate, repeatable positioning, while customizable, transfer-bar options and finger/gripper configurations solve a limitless range of die- and part-handling requirements.

Driven by a touch-screen, PC-based operator interface, this system comes with various control package options to optimize integration. It also includes remote diagnostics. Other features include:

  • Easy access for die maintenance and changes
  • Optimum line of sight into die area
  • Operation in multiple feed directions
  • Low-deflection transfer bar
  • Robust framework and drivetrain for smooth part transfer
  • Counter-balance lift axis for improved performance
  • Maintenance-free linear bearings
  • Automation lubrication to minimize maintenance downtime