Front-and-Back-Mounted Transfer Systems

Retrofitting existing presses with servo transfers can pose challenges. Conventional “through-the-window” designs can limit product range by dictating maximum part size with a combination of press-window size, transfer bar width and transfer clamp stroke. This often means valuable press bed isn’t used. Wayne Trail’s WTTBD Front-and Back-Mounted Transfer System addresses these limitations.

Wayne Trail’s modular Model WTTBD Front-and-Back-Mounted Transfer System with PC-based interface allows operators to run parts as wide as the press window. Its modular design minimizes weight and motion, keeping inertia to a minimum, enabling lower costs and quicker delivery.

Modules move offline quickly and easily, providing access for die maintenance and change over. Features of this high-performance system include:

  • Two- or four-module arrangements
  • Front-and-back-mounted 3-axis servo transfer, operating in multiple feed directions
  • Commonized lift/pitch/clamp modules with brackets on both sides of press
  • Robust framework with rugged aluminum weldments
  • Counter-balanced lift axis
  • Precision-ground helical rack-and-pinion drive train
  • Maintenance-free linear bearings
  • Automatic lubrication