Master Line Control and System Integration

Wayne Trail provides a complete hydro-form system solution, custom designed for your needs and budget, integrating all the necessary components including tube hoppers, presses, other forming equipment and pre- and post-production material handling. Our master line control approach includes central point monitoring of all system modules and components.

Our complete hydroform system solution combines all necessary components, including:

  • Tube hoppers
  • Benders
  • Lubricators
  • Pre-form presses
  • Hydroform presses
  • Robots
  • Pre- and post-hydroform processes
  • Racking systems

Other aspects of the system include:

  • Accurately locating all line components as part of the total system design
  • Master line control for central point monitoring of all system modules
  • Interlocked barrier guards for operator safety
  • A central conveying system for scrap collection and removal
  • Containment of hydroform fluids, for cleanliness and safety