Hydro‐Form/Structural Frame Automation

Now a mainstay of automotive manufacturing, hydro-forming technology provides engineers with exceptional flexibility in designing high-performance automotive components. By using highly pressurized fluid and special dies to form metal, hydro-forming enables the production of complex shapes and stronger, lighter and stiffer unibody parts. Although used primarily by the auto industry for making products from sheet and tube, this technology is finding additional applications almost daily.

In addition to the actual hydro-forming, producing hydro-formed tubular components effectively and economically requires manufacturing support systems before and after the hydro-forming process itself. We provide the automation and support systems that act in concert with the main hydro-forming equipment to ensure consistent, accurate and fast performance. These complementary systems include:

  • Pre hydro-form workstations and automation products
  • Post hydro-form processing cells
  • Unload, transfer and racking systems
  • Control and system integration

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Stand-Alone, Manual Load Machines and Workstations

We offer all the modules used in our automated systems as stand-alone workstations for applications where low production rates, short part life cycle, plant location or other factors preclude the use of automation. These workstations are typically part of the pre- and post-hydroform processing of raw materials and fabricated parts. We also can customize modules […]

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Hydro-Form and Structural Frame Automation Material Handling

Pre Hydro-form Automation

Wayne Trail automation components frequently play an important role in pre-processing materials prior to hydro-forming. Types of equipment used in pre hydro-form automation include debundlers, material handling devices, weld seam detectors and stand-alone CNC benders.

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Post Hydro-form Processing Automation

We supply individual or combination modules and material handling to provide the post hydro-forming operations needed for a specific family of parts prior to further processing or use – operations such as shearing, deburring, hole punching or piercing, cutting and washing.  

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tubular hydroform assembly line, robotic integration
Master Line Control for Hydro-Form Line

Master Line Control and System Integration

Wayne Trail provides a complete hydro-form system solution, custom designed for your needs and budget, integrating all the necessary components including tube hoppers, presses, other forming equipment and pre- and post-production material handling. Our master line control approach includes central point monitoring of all system modules and components.

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