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PDF: Robotics, Welding and Fixturing

Products, Systems and Capabilities Overview

New capabilities allow Wayne Trail to provide ‘total system solutions’ for welding, assembly and other downstream processing operations
Whether automotive, appliance, or general hardware related, the majority of the flat, tubular or formed components produced in the metal forming and fabricating industry go on to be finished in weld cells, brazing stations, assembly fixtures or other similar value added downstream process.

From a quality perspective, it is difficult to ensure that the component part produced in the upstream bending, forming or stamping line, even if per print or per gauge, will properly ‘make’ the positions or shape required in the downstream weld or assembly fixture. A great deal of time and expense are consumed when different equipment providers, along with customer engineering teams, work thru the various , and often difficult issues that arise before achieving a successful result.

In contrast, when the robotics, welding and fixturing equipment are supplied from the same source responsible for the design and supply of the upstream forming, stamping or bending operations, everyone benefits. New product launches can be accomplished in less time, with higher quality, less ‘finger pointing’, and more efficient and effective communications through-out the project.

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